WHY ART OBSESSION? We have a variety of options to inspire your team members to connect and communicate in a new and unique way! We will help you select the workshop that best fits the challenges your team may be facing and the vision you have.

All of our workshops are customized to fit your team’s individual needs! Whether your team's challenge is a new leader, new team members, new challenges, big personalities; we help teams bond quickly. Our process gives team members a new way to look at their challenges and renew their excitement to be a more effective team.

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Corporate Team Building

What can Team Building do for your business?

  • Improve Communication and Listening Skills
  • Improve Coaching Skills
  • Increase Motivation
  • Enhance a Winning Attitude
  • Learn How to Achieve Objectives
  • Learn How to Effectively Deal with Change
  • Enhance Creativity
  • Encourage Mentoring and Teamwork
  • Build Trust
  • Develop Leadership Abilities
  • Enhance Rapport and Empathy
  • Improve Self-Confidence and Self-Awareness
  • Great for Relationship Building
  • Increase Productivity
  • Workshops


    Our traditional Paint & Sip experience is a great way to bond a group! Do you have a new store opening? Or perhaps your team feels divided? Choose the traditional class and raise spirits and strengthen bonds!
    Project Details: Choose a painting from our online Art Gallery, or commission a custom painting specifically for your event. Class time and length will be determined by the Workshop chosen.
    Goal: Great for Relationship Building, Enhance Creativity.


    This program will show your team how a greater array of talent and skills can be found from working together.
    Project Details: “Pass the Painting” will help familiarize your team with the process of “letting go of absolute control”. When participating in this exercise each person will be instructed to pass their art to the person next to them throughout the duration of the exercise. This will appear to be a normal class to the team members until they are instructed without warning to give up their artwork and take on someone else’s painting. By participating, we relinquish control. This allows us to experience what it is like on the receiving end of an unfinished project or what it is like to work as a team.
    Goal: Increase effectiveness as a team. Building a winning attitude.


    Develop mutual respect, understanding and empathy with this option. This activity helps improve upon your communication and teamwork skills.
    Project Details: A team of two people (one blindfolded) take turns verbally guiding one another through a painting until completion. Each person will have the chance to see what they will be painting before they are blindfolded. Once the blind fold goes on the painter will take instruction on where to place their brush on the canvas until the painting is complete. The result of each painting is the work of 2 people. This can break down barriers of communication and help bring team members closer. The blind fold creates a feeling of vulnerability and forms a direct emotional connection between the team members.
    Goal: Relationship building. Encourage self-awareness and self-confidence. Improves listening and coaching skills.


    This is a masterpiece created on a large canvas (mounted or un-mounted, depending on preference). This is a great activity for larger groups and/or groups interested in creative expression & abstract thinking.
    Project Details: Members work together to add their own creative elements to one single canvas to create an abstract piece of art. The elements of the painting will all be focused around one central theme so that all additions are cohesive, yet unique. This workshop does not include step-by-step instruction, rather art guidelines to promote individual creative expression. An artist & instructor will be on hand however, to lead the event and assist.
    Goal: Creative expression.


    This is a true challenge of communication, creativity and teamwork. One piece of artwork is broken down into puzzle pieces.
    Project Details: Each team makes a small section of the overall jigsaw style painting. Beginning with only a piece of the final image each team must network with all the other teams in order to match up their individual segments. Once the final image is discovered the individual teams use their puzzle piece and scale it to fit the larger image. With a limited time frame all of the teams must work together.
    Goal: Increased communication, Rapport, Teamwork, and Trust Building.

    *Any changes need to be made two weeks prior to your event.


    For All Team-Building Workshops We Provide the Following Supplies:

    Encouraging and Motivated Instruction
    Canvases (large or small)
    Paint and Paint Brushes and Supplies
    Setup & Cleanup

    Host Responsibilities

    1. Selecting the painting for the group. This is accomplished by either:

  • Collaborating with our Art Obsession team to create a one-of-a-kind piece for your company.
  • Submitting your desired art, like a logo. We can transfer this to 1 large canvas or several small ones that piece together.
  • Checking our gallery and selecting one of our beautiful paintings.
  • 2. Provide tables and chairs, depending on the venue.

    3. Invitations to your Event.

    *Art Obsession is happy to find a venue for your team if needed. The size of your team will determine the space required.
    **Due to the nature of this business it is costly to make changes after the art for your team building event has been created. Once the art has been created it can only be changed at the cost of new materials and labor.


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