How do I register for a class?
Visit our Calendar page, click on the painting class you want, and follow the directions. You can use a credit card through our website or call 561-870-3133 to register by phone with an Art Obsession member.

How much is a class? Mobile classes at your local restaurants and bars are $30/person. Private Parties start at $35/person with payment options. *Please visit theartobsession.com for more info.

What should I expect?
In around two hours, as you sip on a cocktail, our enthusiastic artists will guide you through each painting while you create a unique masterpiece of your own by the end of the night. Absolutely no experience necessary -- you will be amazed with what you’ve created once you’re done!

We provide everything you need, from the canvas, paint, brushes, aprons, and more! Just bring yourself, your friends and any food and drinks you would like to enjoy.

Do I need to bring anything?
All you need to bring is yourself! We provide everything: paint, canvas, brushes, apron, etc. We do encourage you to arrive at least 15 minutes early as the seating is first-come-first-served. Our classes start promptly at the time scheduled so please check-in early.

What should I wear?
Art Obsession is always a party to remember! Although aprons will be provided, splatter happens! We use acrylic paints and they will not come out of your clothes so we recommend wearing clothes you don’t mind getting stained (just in case).**
**If you are hosting a home party, the best room for us to teach in would be one with tile flooring. If that’s not available the flooring should be covered or protected before we set up.

How should I get my painting home?
We suggest you travel with your painting face up; and by the time you get it home, it should be dry and ready to showcase! To prevent any unwanted paint transfer we advise that you allow one full day before hanging your masterpiece.

Do you offer private parties?
Yes! An Art Obsession Paint & Sip party is perfect for any occasion! Please call or email to schedule your Private Party!

Become an Art Obsession Venue!

Join the hundreds of other bars and restaurants out there who are already taking advantage of this new trend. An Art Obsession event typically brings 30+ people into your bar on a slow night of the week to paint, eat, and drink. We'll transform your empty, unused space into a regular event full of painting (and paying) customers, at no charge to you.

There is no mess -- we use non-toxic, acrylic paints that can easily be cleaned with water and a sponge. Our only requirement is that the event area is NOT carpeted.


  • On average, the event takes about 2 hours, and usually starts at 7 PM on weeknights and 6 PM on weekends (times are flexible).
  • We arrive 1 hour prior to the event to set up and stay 1 hour afterwards to clean up.
  • 2 drinks per person x 30 people = your expected revenue for the evening.
  • Exposure to a new, 90% female customer base.


  • 35 chairs and table space to support 35 people eating dinner – however, we prefer the tables be cleared of all condiments, plates, silverware, etc. when we arrive (We put down large kraft paper to protect the tables).
  • 5 lukewarm pitchers of water -- used to fill the plastic cups that we provide for water cups.
  • Cocktail waitress -- The bar bill will be higher if you have a proactive waitress who filters through the event picking up empty glasses and asking people for refills. The waitress can start 30 minutes before the event and stay until 30 minutes after. There will be a rush as everyone arrives in the first 45 minutes, then they can cover a few tables while they also cover our event.
  • Music:  We normally provide our own music on our portable speaker set, which will play when the artist is not giving instructions.  In the interests of not disturbing other diners, it's best if we are separated from any non-Art Obsession diners.
  • Lighting:  The brighter the better, please turn up the lights during an Art Obsession event.


  • A start date: 4-6 weeks out is what we will need to promote the event properly.  The more time we have to promote, the bigger the crowd for the first event.
  • A regular commitment:  We prefer that bars/restaurants host us on a regular basis.  We're happy to let you try us once, but if it goes well we would like you to host us every week.  Same time, same place.
  • A logo, images and write up about your bar:  We can usually grab this from your website, but it's better if you provide it to us.

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